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New Liebherr Excavators, Crawler Loaders, Dozers

For the earthmoving machinery industry Liebherr produces an extensive range of hydraulic excavators, hydraulic rope excavators, crawler tractors and loaders, and wheel loaders. The high quality requirements with which Liebherr products have to comply are ensured by in-house production of major sub-assemblies in a large part of the program.

Please contact your nearest FSEI location for more information on purchasing or leasing our Liebherr crawler excavators, wheel loaders and dozers.   Our FSEI personel are factroy-trained for all Liebherr equipment in both service and sales.   

New Liebherr Crawler Excavators, Loaders, and Dozers

Liebherr Crawler Excavator R954C Liebherr Crawler Loader PR 734 Liebherr Mining Excavator A 934 Liebherr Crawler Excavator R 954

Liebherr Crawler Excavators, Crawler Loaders, Wheel Loaders,and Dozers
Liebherr develops and manufactures the entire driveline and control technology including the diesel engine, hydraulic system and transmission product groups. Liebherr offers efficient worldwide service at any operating site to ensure the availability of its earthmoving machinery. A closely spaced international network ensures qualified customer service and the supply of original spare parts around the clock.

New Liebherr Crawler Excavators



Product Brochure (pdf)

Liebherr R 934 C

79,400 - 81,400 lb, 150 kW/201 hp, 0.52 - 2.62 yd³

Liebherr R 934 C

Liebherr R 944 C

126,300 - 128,900 lb, 190 kW/255 hp, 1.05 - 2.62 yd³

Liebherr R 944 C

Liebherr R 954 B

107,590 - 121,920 lb, 222 kW/297 hp, 1.70 - 5.10 yd³

Liebherr R 954 B

Liebherr R 964 B

136,900 - 152,800 lb, 282 kW/378 hp, 2.00 - 6.80 yd³

Liebherr R 964 B

Liebherr R 974 B 179,680 - 194,440 lb, 395 kW/530 hp, 2.80 - 9.20 yd³

Liebherr R 974 B

The crawler excavator R 944 B Litronic is a machine for multiple application ranges. Due to its steel structure designed for the toughest of operating conditions the R 944 B Litronic is a convincing machine in civil engineering, in industrial material handling as well as in demolition tasks. A multitude of attachment options and variants of undercarriages allow an optimal configuration to achieve the highest performance in all application ranges. A hydrostatic fan drive and a separate swing circuit, as well as an efficient air-conditioning system and a sensor-controlled automatic idling also contribute to the standard machine configuration.
Liebherr R944B Crawler Excavator

New Liebherr Crawler Loaders

Liebherr LR 622  35,100 - 38,800 lb, 97 kW/130 hp, 2.01 - 2.35 yd³

Liebherr LR 622

Liebherr LR 632B 47,100 - 50,600 lb, 132 kW/177 hp, 2.48 - 3.13 yd³

Liebherr LR 632B

The crawler loader LR 632 B Litronic features a comprehensive hydrostatic Liebherr travel drive. Constant power is provided to both tracks which are driven independently. The Litronic system for the LR 632 B Litronic allows optimal control of the travel speed and all steering movements. Any required turning radius can be achieved with a simple hand movement, even turning on the spot. The robust Z-bar linkage with cast cross-pipe allows maximum bucket breakout forces and the low sill of the front windshield ensures optimum visibility of the working attachment. Liebherr LR 632 Crawler Loader

New Liebherr Wheel Loaders

Liebherr L580 24,580 kg, 18,080 kg tipping load, 5.0 m³

Liebherr L580

The main features of the wheel loader L 580 2plus2, the flagship of the range, are cost-effectiveness and environmental-friendliness. In practice, this wheel loader consumes up to 25 % less fuel than comparable machines from other manufacturers under the same operating conditions. This success is the result mainly of the "2plus2" drive technology, a further optimisation of the hydrostatic travel drive. The new drive technology is based on one gear with two different sized hydraulic motors directly mounted, each supplying a separate coupling. As at least one of the hydraulic motors is alternatively active when accelerating or decelerating, the wheel loader smoothly adapts itself to the required travel speed and drawbar pull independently to every operational situation. Liebherr L580 2plus2 Wheel Loader

New Liebherr Dozers

Liebherr PR 722 B-L 29,500 - 35,600 lb, 97 kW/130 hp, 3.13 - 4.10 yd³

Liebherr PR 722 B-L

Liebherr PR 732 B-M  

Liebherr PR 732 B-M

The crawler tractor PR 722 B Litronic features outstanding levelling properties due to its long travel drive, elastic components with oscillating equalizer bar. Uneveness of the ground is compensated and impacts are effectively cushioned. The state-of-the-art design allows an optimum view of the working attachment and the electronic Litronic control system allows easy, safe and precise fine levelling. The PR 722 B Litronic is particularly economical due to its power conversion to all speed ranges. Liebherr PR 722-B Dozer


Both our Liebherr and Hyundai excavators are available for sale or rent, and we also sell and rent mounted attachments and extensions to fit your construction equipment needs.  

New and used Terex articulated dump trucks are available in 25 ton to 50 ton models, and can be purchased or rented.

Also available are several models of new and used Hyundai and Terex backhoes and wheel loaders.

Let FSEI be your dealer for all new and used heavy construction equipment - cranes, excavators, articulated trucks, dozers, wheel loaders, backhoes and mobile attachments.